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21 songs of grace

New Easy SATB Arrangement of Grace


The Book of Rounds by October Project

With The Book of Rounds, a song cycle of 21 original musical rounds, conceived of and written by Julie Flanders (lyrics) and Emil Adler (music), October Project offers an album to comfort, heal and awaken listeners.


Originally composed as "modern mantras" or plain chants for listening or joining in, these epiphanic rounds , voiced a cappella, return us to the spiritual origins of all song- the merging of words and music to illuminate and elevate.


Performed here by a choir specially created for this album, with the voices of OP's Marina Belica, Julie Flanders and Emil Adler woven throughout), these tracks evoke the felt experiences of grace, shelter, hope amidst darkness, joy, renewal and more.



Music: Emil Adler

Lyrics: Julie Flanders

Producer: October Project


Singers: Emil Adler, Emma Akrawi, Marina Belica, Andrew Bezek, Spencer Bokat-Lindell, Sam Bolen, Leslie DiNicola, Julie Flanders, Lucy Fleming. Keiji Ishiguri, Spencer Klavan, Mary Kleshefsky, Hannah LaPalombara, Stephanie Lee, Jerry Lieblich, Jamie Serkin, Jessie Tomsko, Tony Valenzuela, and Jeremy Weiss


Arranger/Pianist: Keiji Ishiguri



Easy SATB Arrangement

Arranged by Mary-Wynne Ashford of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, we are teaming together to donate the proceeds from all sales of this arrangement to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

The Ubuntu Choirs Network is a community of choirs who believe that:

  • singing is an essential human birthright and a powerful source of energy and connection.
  • singing together is a potent tool for building community
  • singing in harmony teaches us to celebrate diversity, and to practice deep listening

Mary-Wynne’s choir sings this arrangement of “Grace" first thinking of themselves as refugees, and subsequently as those receiving refugees into their communities.

It is this inspiration that brought us together to raise money on behalf of refugees everywhere through the IRC.  We hope you, too, will be inspired by the music and text.

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The Book of Rounds for ChoirVocal arrangements for this first chapter of 7 rounds from the recording The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace are published by Hal Leonard in this beautiful octavo.

The rounds were written to have the impact of a prayer, an anthem, or a lullaby. They can be thought of as modern mantras that, through their repetition, are meditative for singer and listener alike.

Best performed with a group of ten or more singers, these arrangements are sophisticated settings of what are very simple melodies that can also be sung as single line rounds.  Sing them individually or as an entire suite.

For guide tracks, please write to octoberprojectmusic@gmail.com.

The Book of Rounds:
Single Line Melodies & Lyrics
On each page of this spiral bound volume you will find the melody line and lyrics for one of 21 rounds from our new recording, The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace.


Musical rounds are fun to sing and also create hypnotic effects that are good for the brain. The lyrical phrases in these rounds are written to create a mantra effect - a fugue of positive messages that will embrace both the singer and the listener with good feelings.


Enjoy them at home, with a group, in a choir, sung or spoken, for rehearsal, performance or as personal or daily affirmations.

The Book of Rounds by October Project

The Book of Rounds  is a gorgeous musical journey.

—Paul Winter, 7-Time Grammy Winner,
Producer, Saxophonist and Founder of the
Living Music record label


Hauntingly beautiful melodies that match the text magnificently. An inspired marriage of words and music, the rounds invite contemplation and meditation by offering hope and transformation to singers of all ages and abilities, and to their audiences as well.

—Maggie Brooks, Yale Camerata


Unforgettable journey for any program. I couldn’t recommend the rounds more highly. Sublime, evocative, yet approachable, the Book of Rounds will be beloved by singers and audiences alike.

—Ryan Heller, Chorus Austin


The Book of Rounds has grandeur, exuberance and…a lush majesty.

—Christopher Arnott, Yale Alumni Magazine


The music of The Book of Rounds creates a journey of release and surrender through the challenges of life. [It] takes us through time and loss, and helps us to connect to the joy that can be there underneath it all.

—Tami Simon, Founder & Publisher of Sounds True


An uplifting collection of rounds that stirs the soul and enchants the mind with their beauty and meaning.

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, www.spiritualityandpractice.com


Julie Flanders’ work has been speaking to my heart for many years, often offering me the perfect phrase that makes me feel seen and understood. She knows the language of music and the music of language equally well. Treat yourself to her artistry!

—Martha Beck, best-selling author (Finding Your Own North Star), life coach and Oprah Magazine columnist


The beautiful lyrics of Julie Flanders and the haunting, flowing music of Emil Adler have come together in the form of The Book of Rounds. The songs are grouped in 3 books of 7 each - the first and second books arranged for a capella chorus, the rounds of the third book (which include piano accompaniment) contained within songs that evoke the emotionally charged tracks of OP's Epic albums: fans of those albums will rejoice in the joy and energy of these rounds.

These rounds are uplifting and reflective which professional and amateur singers of all ages will adore singing. I can only hope that Ms. Flanders and Mr. Adler will continue to add more books to these stellar collections.

—Peter Bay, Music Director and Conductor
of the Austin Symphony Orchestra


I am a choral singer, and have been my whole life. I have always longed for chants in English that express my spiritual understanding and longing. So, I've been waiting for your cd! It is beautiful in all ways—the rounds themselves, the lyrics, the instrumentation, and the voices. I know I will listen to it over and over.

—Elizabeth Lesser, Co-Founder of The Omega Institute, author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow, and The Seeker’s Guide


The music is deeply beautiful. It’s like a pure hypnotic induction. It lifts your soul and transforms your spirit with its healing message of love, beauty and grace.

—Doug O’Brien Master Practitioner and Trainer NLP, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

I’m sharing The Book of Rounds – simply lovely!

—Deke Sharon, Vocal Producer of Pitch Perfect,
Pitch Perfect 2 and The Sing-Off


In The Book of Rounds, we're treated to twenty-one delightful, sensitive pieces that blissfully break the mold in our contemporary a cappella scene, interweaving new and old to create a refreshing offering of ethereal music.

—Kimberly Sailor, The Recorded
A Cappella Review Board


Ms. Flanders, Ms. Belica and Mr. Adler have created a beautiful collection of songs that incorporate meaning, singability, and a sense of completeness. They are tuneful, sophisticated, deep, revelatory, and just plain fun. A couple of them will be sung at bedsides of people who are dying with the work of the Threshold Choir. Bravo!

—Kate Munger, The Threshold Choir


Melodic and meditative…a calming influence to any listener.

—Russ Elliot, musicaldiscoveries.com


I am in love with Julie Flanders poetry and lyrics – infinitely deep words that spring directly from the soul of the universe.”

—August Gold, author of The Prayer Chest
and Multiply Your Blessings


The Book of Rounds is a journey into a magical realm of inner healing…The lyrics and rounds are a powerfully hypnotic arrangement that will transform your inner world so that you can transform your outer world.

—Jess Marion, Master Hypnotist,
Trainer, Coach and Author


The Book of Rounds offers a brief and welcome respite to a world inundated with noise, clutter and static. With thoughtfully written lyrics and melodically enchanting music, the album summons youthful rhythms and solemn meditations.

—Cormac Bluestone, Composer and Arranger


Beautiful work. In one recording, The Book of Rounds has significantly increased the repertoire of performance-worthy musical rounds for choirs at many levels. The text is gentle and kind, which is a much-needed offering in today's world, and the rounds offer excellent and accessible programming choices that feel joyful and reverent.

—Jim Papoulis, composer, conductor, founder
of The Foundation for Small Voices


Intriguing, entrancing, mesmerizing, blissful, oddly exhilarating and quieting simultaneously, meditative, and downright transcendental....these are the words that came to mind on the first listening of "The Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace" from October Project....and on the second listening, and the third, and....

As promised, "a kaleidoscopic effect of meaning and beauty" is delivered by these very talented, imaginative, and most of all, innovative musicians.  Marina Belica, Julie Flanders and Emil Adler have the unique combination of musicianship to take you to a different place....in your own mind.

—John Marchesella, Professional Astrologer and Chair of National Council for Geocosmic Research


It’s Soul Medicine. Each and every round is a portal, as is the entire experience.

—John Campbell, Teacher of
Meditation and Consciousness