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The Book of Rounds  is a gorgeous musical journey.

—Paul Winter, 7-Time Grammy Winner,
Producer, Saxophonist and Founder of the
Living Music record label


The Book of Rounds has grandeur, exuberance and…a lush majesty.

—Christopher Arnott, Yale Alumni Magazine


In The Book of Rounds, we're treated to twenty-one delightful, sensitive pieces that blissfully break the mold in our contemporary a cappella scene, interweaving new and old to create a refreshing offering of ethereal music.

—Kimberly Sailor, The Recorded
A Cappella Review Board


Julie Flanders’ work has been speaking to my heart for many years, often offering me the perfect phrase that makes me feel seen and understood. She knows the language of music and the music of language equally well. Treat yourself to her artistry!

—Martha Beck, best-selling author (Finding Your Own North Star), life coach and Oprah Magazine columnist


The beautiful lyrics of Julie Flanders and the haunting, flowing music of Emil Adler have come together in the form of The Book of Rounds with songs that evoke the emotionally charged tracks of OP's Epic albums: fans of those albums will rejoice in the joy and energy of these rounds.

—Peter Bay, The Austin Symphony Orchestra


I am a choral singer, and have been my whole life. I have always longed for chants in English that express my spiritual understanding and longing. So, I've been waiting for your cd! It is beautiful in all ways--the rounds themselves, the lyrics, the instrumentation, and the voices. I know I will listen to it over and over.

—Elizabeth Lesser, The Omega Institute


I am in love with Julie Flanders poetry and lyrics – infinitely deep words that spring directly from the soul of the universe.

—August Gold, author of The Prayer Chest
and Multiply Your Blessings


The music is airy and transporting…shimmering with sometimes dark, sometimes inspirational, always thoughtful songs.

Boston Globe


Flanders’ songs are of lost connections, fading memories, hidden forces, a metaphysical love that seeks the spiritual…the lush melodies of keyboardist Emil Adler.

—Audio Magazine


An ambient, involving sound that’s tailor-made for the adult-alternative audience that has embraced the likes of Enya, Kate Bush, etc.

Daily Variety


[The] music has an enigmatic quality. It’s like an ‘emotional hologram,’ where the listener enters into the musical landscape.

Christian Science Monitor


The… New York group… straddles the line between art music and pop song.

The Advocate


A languid, poetic aura that’s dreamlike and mystical, bittersweet and beautiful.

Philadelphia Daily News


Groundbreaking. The seamless harmonies… are magical…a spinning combination.

The Gavin Report



—Miami Herald

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