From Shadow Breathing,

a collection of poetry by Julie Flanders
Doubts poster

"Don’t believe everything you think."

DOUBTS, a poem by Julie Flanders with animation by Phoebe Cavise and a score by Emil Adler is both a light and serious reminder to believe in something better than your uncertainties. Conveyed with love and whimsy this short film is meant to shift and elevate the spirit of the viewer. A seamless marriage of word and image, DOUBTS is a philosophical amuse-bouche designed to please the mind and delight the senses.

An Award-Winning Animation featuring:
Voice and text by Julie Flanders  •  Animation by Phoebe Cavise  •  And an Original score and SFX by Emil Adler

Produced by October Project: 

Marina Belica, Emil Adler, Julie Flanders
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October Project
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